Unexpected Turn : Introduction

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Backstory : This right here, is Rick. Rick Schmitz, a charming and alluring young man. He has everything any guy in SimCity can ever ask for. Good looking features, wealth and endless dates with pretty girls. Ever since high school, Rick has always been the popular one. There was never any effort needed for Rick to get a date, every girl fell for him even though he can be a jerk at times. Present : Rick is currently living in an apartment with his two other buddies, Rhett and Alvin. He is also dating a supermodel, Charlene.

Secret: Although Rick may seem like the uncommitted type, deep down, he wishes to find ” The one “.

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Backstory: The famous and rich side kick of Rick, Rhett Alcala. Rhett is somewhat similar to Rick, and that is the reason why they get along so well. Some may think they are rivals but they are wrong. Rhett and Rick grew up together, they behave like blood brothers. He is well known for being a big flirt in SimCity and has a love for parties. However, Rhett has always been the “shadow” of Rick.

Secret: He hates being known as Rick’s sidekick and constantly tries to be like Rick, hoping that one day his popularity would be more than Rick. 

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Backstory: Alvin Shockley, the brains of the trio. Alvin is the reason why Rick and Rhett have not spent their entire fortune on parties and clubs. He is like the elder brother of the trio, he takes cares of everyone. Alvin spends his time preparing for his inheritance of his family’s business and is frequently seen working. He often lectures the other two about preparing for their futures but they never listen. Alvin has a younger sister, Olivia. ( She is the second main lead of the story )

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Backstory: Lastly, this is Rick’s current girlfriend, Charlene Dockery. She is a supermodel and is obsessed about her looks. She can get a little obsessive over Rick at times as she always fears that he would leave her. She will always try to look her best infront of Rick and gets protective of him as well. Their relationship is currently a little rocky as Rick seems to be distancing himself from her but Charlene is determined to win his heart back. 

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Backstory : Unknown

Secret: Unknown

Relation : Sister of Alvin

Author Note: I would be keeping the details of Olivia unknown for now as I would want her character to slowly unfold as the story progresses. 🙂 


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